• Dr. Meta Van Sickle — Is it Really the Teacher?
  • Margaret Olmos — School Discipline: Alternatives and and Consequences of Exclusionary Discipline
  • Dr. Freeman Hrabowski — Creating a Culture of Success for All Students


Annie Smith and Coddy Carter
Metacognitive Strategies: The Classroom Possibilities for Training the Brain

Kathrine Guiterrez
Understanding School Culture to Improve Educational and Community Relations to Impact Student Success

Carolyn Walker Hopp
Language and Cultural Communication: Redefining Literacy

Aretha Marbley and Dr. Leon Rouson
Building Partnerships on all Fronts in P-20 Education: Engaging Scholarship across Disciplines, Communities, Geography, and Grants

Kimmerbly Harrell and Paula Bello
Collaborating in the Classroom for Second Language Learners with Language Impairments

Jacob Easley
From the Culture of Student to the Culture of Schools: Engaging High Impact Practices for Educational Equity and School Effectiveness



Maria Royle, Angela Cozart, and Kimberly Cozart
Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)

Sophia Rodriguez
“We’re Like a Community; we grab power where we can”: Latino immigrant youth identity and belonging in a community-school partnership

Kindra Lee Simons
Active Engagement for English Learners 

Kendall Deas
Examining U.S. Supreme Court Reaction to NCLB: Connecticut and Pontiac as Case Studies

Jennifer Doyle
Keeping Kids in the Classroom: Teachers as Advocates of Children’s Civil Rights

Michael Hemphill
A Partnership Model for Promoting Positive Youth Development thorough Sports

Renard Harris
Storytelling to Enhance the Learning of Fourth Grade Socioeconomically Disadvantaged Students

Josephine Olsen and Rita Schellenberg
“Trauma Informed Play Therapy: Promoting Resilience in At-Risk Children”

Josephine Olson and Rita Schellenberg
“Play deprivation & implication for juvenile violence among at-risk children”

Keonya Booker
The Importance of Mastery in Children’s Lives: An Exploration of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Kelly S. Brooksher
Exploring rigor in the classroom: Interpret, align, differentiate to maximize student potential

Tammy Pawloski
Why Poverty Matters for Schools, Teachers, and Communities

Teresa Smith
Transitional programs to aid the academic and graduation success of African American Students

Tambra Jackson and Tasha Laman
The Promise of School-University Partnerships in Diverse School Settings

Charlease Kelly-Jackson and Kelly Bodner
It Takes a Village to Shape GEMS

Melissa Moul, Josephine Olson, and Rita Schellenberg
Standards Blending English Language Arts and Self Advocacy Skills

Margaret Hagood
Who am I? Reading, Writing, and Producing Selfhood in Community

Ashley Vaughns
Service Learning with Diverse Families and Children: Promoting Community Partnerships, Engagements, and Cultural Competence

 Rhonda Jeffries, Mary Holloway, and Kay Banks
Alternative Methods to Address DiversityP-16

L. Daniele Bradshaw
Promoting Diversity in Afterschool with Higher Education Partnerships

Donna King
“Don’t Internalize the Dissonance, Intellectualize it.”

Margaret Olmos
School Discipline: Alternatives to and Consequences of Exclusionary Discipline

Panel Discussions:

TRIO Panel Discussion

Call Me MISTER Panel Discussion

The College of Charleston and National Association of Holmes Scholars Alumni 2014 Diversity Conference - October 11-12, 2014 on the College of Charleston Campus in Charleston, SC 29401

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